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November 9, 2008

I don’t like long books. How weird is that? I love reading and read a lot but when I’m presented with a long book (over 400 pages) I hesitate. I like to read a book within a couple of days so I don’t lose momentum. If I put a book down for a few days it is hard for me to reconnect with it; often I don’t even bother. Consequently I will wait until I know I’m going to have free time before starting a book so I can finish reading it within a couple of days. This means I generally start a book on a Friday night or Saturday so there is enough time for me to finish it before I start work again on Tuesday (I work part-time and don’t work on Mondays). While this approach works well with most fiction books it does have drawbacks when I’m reading non-fiction. Sometimes I read so quickly I lose the impact of the author’s insights. I don’t have time to think about and apply the author’s teaching because I have already moved onto to his next thought. To rectify this I do one of two things. I will read the book through quickly as per normal but then I will go back and reread those chapters which I need to think about more carefully. Alternatively I will make a disciplined attempt to read the book in sections over a longer period of time.

Recently I was given a copy of “Jesus Take the Wheel : 7 keys to a transformed life with God” by Stuart Migdon and I have decided to take this second approach with reading his book. It has nine chapters so my plan is to read one chapter per weekend. It will be interesting to see if I can work my plan.

by Susan Barnes
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