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Lighthouse Church Wollongong

November 22, 2006

Last Sunday morning I was in Wollongong and attended Lighthouse Church. I was surprised when the pastor said he had just returned from the US as I had been there recently myself. He went on to explain that international students have been attending their church for some years. Apparently Wollongong University has about 4,000 international students a year and many of these are from the US. Subsequently some of these students have found themselves at the church and often made commitments or re-commitments to Christ whilst at the church. The pastor had been to visit some of these students and also to publicize a program they now run at their church where international students are encouraged to part take in an internship with the church.

One rather amusing thing he said (tongue in cheek) “… and I told them if they come to Australia to do our program and fall in love they have to stay here. We are not having any more of our young people move to America to get married!”

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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