Accessing the internet from our hotel is quite expensive ($20 an hour) so I’m typing as fast as I can! The conference was great but I’ll write more about it when I get home.

The cruise on Tuesday night was very pleasant. It had been a bit windy so it was a little choppy but not too bad. Wednesday we went to the pre-conference session in the morning and to the opening sessions in the evening. Thursday morning we caught a trolley (like a tram on wheels) into Waikiki and checked out the beach and shops before going to the conference later in the day. Friday morning we caught a couple of local buses around the south-east corner of the island. It was very scenic. Afternoon and evening we were at the final sessions of the conference. Saturday we went on an organized tour of Pearl Harbour, Punchbowl and down town Honolulu. They have been doing some improvements to the harbour area and the memorial had been closed during the week. Consequently it was extremely busy and what should have been a morning tour ended up being a 3pm tour. Nevertheless it was a fascinating insight into history.

This morning (Sunday) we again went to New Hope Church. We head home tomorrow morning.