I’ve been reading Selwyn Hughes in Every Day with Jesus and he said some interesting things lately about churches: “People like the idea of a God who keeps His distance, who provides but doesn’t intrude, who protects but never demands, who never judges and never meddles. There are thousands of nominal Christians who view God in this way. They like a God who is there but who doesn’t intrude on their daily lives, except when they are in trouble.”

He then goes on to talk about church buildings. Nominal Christians want to view God as dwelling in a building because that way He won’t interfere with their lives from Monday to Saturday. Meaning that the buildings are not the problem it is the nominal Christians who deliberately (but unconsciously) choose to keep God in a building so He won’t interfere with their lives. If we change the “shape” of church we probably won’t solve the problem. They would still be nominal Christians who would find ways of making the “new shape” safe. After all the wheat and the weeds will both grow together until the harvest (Matthew 13:30).

The question is, how prepared are we to let God intrude and meddle with our lives on Mondays to Saturdays?