When Phyllis Beattie spoke at my library the other night (see here) one of the most interesting things she said in relation to keeping a diary was she always writes in the morning. Phyllis felt that this gave her time to reflect on the previous day’s events and how those events had affected her, before she actually wrote them down. I found this quite fascinating. Somehow I had always assumed if one was going to keep a diary one must write it at the end of the day. Here was the number one reason why diary keeping had always been so difficult for me and probably for many others as well. By the end of the day I was too tired to write down any thoughts on paper, particularly any intelligent ones! Writing in the morning makes so much more sense. It’s amazing how we make illogical assumations and it’s not until someone points out an alternative we suddenly think, why didn’t I think of that!

Just on a housekeeping note I decided to add an extra couple of items to my sidebar: My Most Significant Posts and My Funniest Posts so anyone that’s new to this blog can get read a few posts and get a feel for what happens around here.