“It’s not fair,” he said stamping his little foot.

It’s true. Life is often not fair. Our circumstances are often determined by where we’re born, when we’re born, and to whom we’re born.

Sometimes it even seems like God is playing some sort of cruel game with his creation where things don’t turn out fairly. Tragic things happen to people who are respectable, honest and decent citizens. While those who are guilty avoid justice and continue to commit horrendous crimes. It’s hard to understand how a God of love can let this happen.

When we struggle to come to terms with a world that’s not fair, it’s tempting to blame God. However, he played by his own rules. He restricted himself to working within his creation to bring about salvation for us. Jesus, God’s sinless son, innocent of any crime, died on a cross. He experienced an unjust trial, rejection from those who knew him best, abuse and humiliation from harsh soldiers, and a premature death in the cruellest possible way.

Jesus, out of love and godly justice, went beyond what was fair, so that we could be in a relationship that’s not equitable.

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