It seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us … Acts 15:28

In other places in Acts when the disciples needed guidance, they often received visions and direct instructions from the Lord (Acts 9:10; 10:9-16; 16:9). But here all we have is, “it seemed good.” There’s no indication they expected or sought a vision. Sometimes we would like God’s guidance to be demonstrative, like a vision or a specific “word,” yet sometimes all we have is, “it seems good.”

Yet God hadn’t left them or us without direction. In this case both Peter and Paul reported how God had been working in the lives of the Gentiles (15:6-12). James quoted from the Old Testament in reference to the Gentiles (15:17). The decision they came to wasn’t just a “feeling” but it was based on the way God had already been leading them.

In my life, I’ve found when seeking God’s direction it’s a good idea to look back and see how God has already been working in my life. What area has God been encouraging me in? What Bible verses have stood out to me lately? What songs have spoken to me? I find that God rarely does things spontaneously usually he has prepared my heart well in advance.

However, the time comes to make a decision. To step out in faith, believing that God is guiding and to trust him with the outcome. Generally, we can expect to have a sense of peace about such a decision because it fits so well with what he has already told us. Nevertheless, it can still be daunting so it’s good to remember that God is always with us to see us through.