Sometimes we act as if God is easily frustrated and ready to pounce. As if we need to perform some ritual or be involved in some tradition to appease him. Sometimes I notice others going through spiritual ceremonies as if God is impressed by their skills or work ethic, as if it’s their job to work hard so God is not frustrated. It seems they walk around on “egg shells” trying hard not to cause any upset. This may be the way they relate to their earthly father but it is not God’s intention for us to behave this way with him.

In a healthy relationship children don’t find their father hard to please. Little children will run to their father when he comes home from work. They will be pleased to see him and will excitedly tell him what they have been doing. They expect a warm reception and don’t struggle to impress him. They don’t take on the responsibility of keeping their father happy.

We are God’s children. We don’t have to work hard to please him since he is already pleased with us. We don’t do him favours, rather we are on the receiving end of his favours. God doesn’t need us to serve and worship him, rather it is good for us.

We are free to bask in the love God has for his children, without the pressure of trying to keep God happy.