I’ve been writing on blogs since June 2005 so there are over 2,000 posts on this site. This post will help you navigate them. The links here will take you to index pages where you will find lists of links to actual posts. Alternatively, you can use the search function in the sidebar.

My articles and posts reflect my Christian belief that God loves us so lavishly
his Son came to earth, lived, died and rose again so that
we can have a meaningful relationship with God.

Permission is granted to republish these articles provided such action
is not for sale or commercial gain. Please include the following:
© Susan Barnes. Used with permission.

Devotions (250-300 words in length)

New Testament and Old Testament. New Testament books: Matthew to Acts, and Romans to Revelation and Old Testament books: Genesis to Job, and Psalms to Malachi.

Short Devotions (100 words on a slide)

Short Devotions

Bible Study

A collection of posts that originally appeared on my blog called, The Bible Study Place, from June 2007 to June 2018. During this time, I worked through every chapter of the Bible and recorded my thoughts and those of others.

Book Reviews

My most recent book reviews are on this blog page and the following pages. However these are some links to index pages where there are reviews of books I would particularly recommend: Christian Non-Fiction and Christian Fiction, plus books that have had a Significant Impact on my understanding of Christian faith.

Communion Messages

This is a collection of the communion messages that I have given at the various churches I have attended – Communion Talks