“I can explain everything,” said my teenager the night after an impromptu party.

Surveying the kitchen—the broken glass, empty chip packets, the half-eaten cake and the muddy footprints—I doubted that they would be able to explain any of the mess in a way I would find satisfactory.

“I can explain everything,” said my friend during a mix-up in arrangements. I knew my friend to be compassionate and gracious. Despite my disappointment, I was confident that she could explain and that there would be a good reason for my confusion.

When I reflect on the state of the world, it’s a mess. Broken lives, empty dreams, half-lived potential, muddy humanity—so much sadness and tragedy. I need a compassionate and gracious friend who understands my confusion and comforts me in my disappointment.

I have such a friend. His name is Jesus. He came from heaven and lived an earthly life with all its joys and sorrows he’s the friend who can offer me a satisfactory explanation for the mess in the world, in my community, and even in my life.

At the end of time, he will say, “I can explain everything.”.

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