I was reading “Red Moon Rising” (by Pete Greig & Dave Roberts, pub. Kingsway, UK, 2004) and he tells the story of how Mike Brawan started a church in Eldoret, Kenya which now has several hundred members:

Mike’s instinctive approach to church planting had been simple. He gathered a dozen friends in a room and they prayed non-stop for 40 days. The two who didn’t have jobs had to cover most of the night shifts by themselves, as well as ferrying the others to their prayer slots in a beaten-up old car. But they did it. They just assumed that this was the way you should plant a church.

And isn’t that the way God planted the first church? In Acts 1:14-15 we read that 120 believers prayed constantly from the time of Jesus’ ascension until the day of Pentecost a period of 10 days.

So in Kenya there was 12 people praying for 40 days and in Jerusalem there was 120 people praying for 10 days.

Now that’s how you plant a church.