During last week’s Synchroblog, I visited a number of blogs which I hadn’t been to before. Somewhere in the process I came across a question along the lines of, how has blogging changing you?

My first reaction was surprise. I started blogging over three years ago and I never expected it to change me. However as I thought about it I realized it had. Blogging has exposed me to a far greater range of theological perspectives than I could have ever experienced in my day to day life. Not every Christian thinks like I do. I have had people disagree with me! LOL! Yet in a way this surprised me too. I often find in my daily life, if people disagree with my views they smile politely and change the subject. Rarely will people engage with me in a discussion where our views differ. I have often wondered why this is so? People tend to see me as a quiet and gentle person so I’m not sure if they think they will upset me if they disagree or if it is just not politically correct to disagree.

Anyway, I love the freedom the blog world provides for people to say what they really think and not just say what they think I want to hear. Consequently I have had some of my beliefs challenged. I have even had to change my mind about some beliefs, even ones I had set in concrete! Others beliefs I have had to question whether I believe them because they really are in the Bible or because they are merely church traditions. This process has enriched and deepened my faith because now I better understand why I believe what I believe. I think the whole blogging thing has made me more open to the myriad of different ways God works in a person’s life. I have learnt time and time again not to put God in a box of my own understanding.

So thank you to all you bloggers out there, for widened my understanding, deepening my appreciation of God’s ways, and for your willingness to engage personally and honestly.