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How angry are we?

May 29, 2009

I was reading an article by Brendan Gullifer, entitled: Writers of wrath. He had heard Stephen King speak and was reflecting on King’s answer to the question of what motivates him to continue writing. King had said, “writing was and still is a revolutionary act. It was a way to metaphorically smash his fist in the air, his shout to the world.” Gullifer went on to say he loves angry writers and gave several examples. Then said, “So when I read angry fiction, I know I am not alone.”

It makes me think there is a lot of anger around—violence crimes, road rage, even anorexia has been described as “a silent rebellion”. If a fiction writer taps into the anger he has an audience that relates.

It is what I am trying to do with my non-fiction book because I suspect a lot of people are angry with God. Not that they would say so. It comes out in other ways disillusionment, atheism, verbal and physical attacks on Christians (or churches) etc.

God however, is like the parent of a 3 year old. There have been occasions in my child rearing days that I have been confronted with 3 year old telling me with great authority what I should be doing. I found it amusing. I wonder if God finds it amusing when his children tell him with great authority what he should be doing! Or perhaps the 3 year old is stamping their foot and complaining about the world shattering unfairness of not being able to have another cookie, or another turn on the slide, or another hour of television. It is still amusing that 3 year olds can be so self deceived about the importance of their request, but perhaps not quite so amusing when we are the 3 year old and God is the parent. Our requests may appear more important than the 3 year olds yet they may still be self-serving, comfort inducing requests. Yet we too, may express a lot of anger when we don’t get our own way.

I’m not sure where I’m going with this thought. Just wanted to put it out there and ponder it for a while.

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by Susan Barnes
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