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Hitting the road

April 2, 2010

I last wrote about my bike here in November last year. However that was just before summer and I tend to avoid physical activity in heat. Now that the weather has cooled down and Easter is here I have more spare time than usual, so I have been on a couple of bike rides. Prior to this I had been trying to build up my stamina at the gym, but there is a big difference between doing 10k in a gym on an exercise bike than doing 10k on a real bike. For starters there are hills! (In the gym I program the bike for a flat track.) Secondly there are bumps! Thirdly there are bends in the road!

There must be a spiritual analogy here somewhere. Hmm…

Perhaps it is like being a Christian in isolation to being a Christian in community. A Christian in isolation is like riding a bike in a gym. There are no obstacles, no distractions, no interruptions and I’m not in danger of falling off. It’s all plain sailing; however you don’t actually go anywhere. Being a Christian in community means there are relationship difficulties, unrealistic expectations, problems all over the place and I’m in constant danger of being hurt. However it is this environment I grow. I learn to forgive, I learn to love, I learn the joys of fellowship, and in the final analysis the pain is worth it. If, for no other reason than, it is God’s idea for his people to be in community.

by Susan Barnes
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