I have been looking for a job in a library for the last couple of months without success. Interesting that for the first time in over twenty years I don’t have a job, I’m not studying and I don’t have any children living at home. This should mean that I have got time to do all those things I use to say that I didn’t have time to do. So why is it that some of those things are still not getting done? Obviously I just don’t want to do them which surprises me because there are even some books I still haven’t read.

I have had to eliminate some phrases from my language like, “I haven’t got time” and “I’m too busy” which has made me realize how quickly and without thinking I often use these phrases. I have had to get more truthful about why I don’t want to do something.

It is an interesting learning curve. Unexpectedly I find having enough time is quite a challenge. Why is it that the tasks I do have to do, expand to fill the time available? So if the only thing I have to do today is clean the house then it takes all day to clean the house. Motivation is also an issue, if I can’t be late for anything does it matter if I stay in bed an extra half-hour? Laziness kicks in and the less I do, the less I want to do.

Changing circumstances have caused me to rethink some my habits and priorities. Perhaps this is why God disturbs our comfortable routines every once in a while.