I’m very thankful to report that we have had good rain over much of Victoria yesterday and today, which means the bushfire problem is greatly reduced. More rain is expected. The bushfires started early December (50 days ago) by lightening strikes in remote and inaccessible bush. While this is not an unusual occurrence for Victoria, this summer the fires started much earlier than usual and the bush is much drier after many years of drought. In the last seven weeks one person has died and about 40 houses have been lost to fires.

Tuesday was very bad with high temperatures and strong winds driving the fires close to towns and farms. The smoke from the fires caused transmission lines to short circuit and power was lost to large parts of Melbourne and other large towns. So although the fires are a long way from Melbourne we do get our power from that area.

Meanwhile my computer monitor had been on the blink for a couple of weeks. I think the power disruption on Tuesday was the final straw and the monitor died. Buying a new monitor proved a little more difficult than I expected (Are you sure it is the monitor? Do you need drivers? Do you want a flat screen? etc.) However I’m now back online with a new monitor and busy catching up on my emails and blogging.