Mark Buchanan is one of my favourite authors and I particularly enjoyed his book, The Holy Wild which I have read and reread. I particularly like this story, which I may have mentioned before. It illustrates the importance of understanding that God is enough:

A woman whose husband left her for another woman after many years of supposedly happy married life said this, “In the first year or so after he left, there were many things I thought of doing—selfish, sinful things. But you know what kept me from doing them? Thinking that one day I will stand before God in heaven and to explain to God why living for him, by his strength wasn’t enough.”

One of the names of God, El Shaddai, contains the idea that God is enough. Whatever we are going through God is enough. If all we had in the world was God that would be enough. It is a challenging thought. Often we think in order to be happy we need a certain level of material blessing, family, friends, a fulfilling job etc. Yet all these things are temporal and can be lost in minutes. Our only real security is found in God.

God is also the only one who can satisfy our deep longings for significance, fulfillment and value. When things go wrong, remember in spite of everything, God is enough and he will get us through if we will let him help us.