“You can’t see me,” he says, gingerly moving around the room with his eyes shut.

The misconceptions of childish thinking are often amusing, however, sometimes we unwittingly do the same thing in our relationship with God. We think that God is uninterested, unavailable or unconcerned with the dubious desires going on in our hearts. We’re like children who hide by shutting our spiritual eyes to truths that disturb us.

But God, like parents, can see perfectly well. He sees into our lives even more clearly than we do because God looks beyond the obvious and perhaps this is the real reason why we hide. We’re comfortable the way we are, but God longs to purify our motives. Those unhealthy impulses that drive us which are so involuntary, so instinctive and feel inevitable.

God would love to bring light to our spiritual blind spots, faith to our hearts and hope to our souls, so we can understand how clearly he sees, how perfectly he knows, and how deeply he cares for us. May God open our eyes, hearts, minds—our very souls—to the pervading knowledge of his great love for us.  

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