A speaker I once heard made the comment that one of the names of God contains the thought that God is fascinating. We ought to continually want to spend time with him, not out of duty but because we find him fascinating. As the speaker expounded the idea of God being fascinating it struck me I ought to feel drawn towards God the way a child feels drawn to a computer game.

Computer games are fascinating to children. They always want to have just one more turn. Part of the fascination is seeing if you can perform better next time. Even more, the fascination is in discovering more aspects to the game. Computer games are often long and proceed through a series of stages and each stage of a game holds something new. The computer offers the opportunity of making new discoveries every time you play a game and therein lays its potentially addictive power.

God always has new things to teach us about himself, he always has more truth to reveal to us, and he always wants to bless us with more of his love. God never runs out of things he wants to impart to us. Our God is fascinating. He wants us to be “addicted” to him.