“God is closer than you think” by John Ortberg (Zondervan, 2005), is like Ortberg’s other books. He uses illustrations and anecdotes to convey spiritual truths. My favourite illustration is from the “Where’s Wally” books. In this series of children’s books the idea is to find Wally, who is on every page. Early in the book he is fairly easy to find but as you progress through the book it becomes more difficult. He may be in a crowd of people or behind a tree or under a bush. God is like Wally in that He is on every page of our lives and closer than we think, but He is not always easy to see.

In another chapter, Ortberg speaks about spiritual pathways which are the different ways we connect to God. Some prefer the intellectual pathway and draw close to God as they learn more about Him. Others connect with God through worship or through serving. Some feel connected to God in nature or in solitude. Still others prefer the relational pathway and connect to God through relationships often in small groups. While others are activists with high energy levels and need to be doing to feel connected. While we should continue to connect with God through our preferred pathway there are times when it is good to experiment with other pathways.

Finally one of the things he said that I found particularly encouraging was, “every aspect of my life – work, relationships, hobbies, errands – is of immense and genuine interest to God.” Well worth a read.