Before attending the conference I searched on blogger for anyone who had been to this conference but found little information therefore I’m writing a detailed report. There are two parts to the conference. Firstly the workshop sessions and secondly the appointments.

The workshops run from 8:15 am and finish at 9:30 pm (sometimes later if you want to stay and ask questions). There are breaks betweens sessions of half an hour and longer for lunch and dinner. I found though that if I wanted to go back to my room before or after meal times. It was a five minute walk there and then a five minute walk to the dinning hall. It was also a five minute walk from the dinning room to where the sessions were held. The grounds at the conference are huge and at 7500 ft above sea level it is quite tiring just walking. I say this to explain the conference is very full-on. Of course you are free to attend as many or as few workshops as you wish. I wanted to go to everything since I’d come so far but it was just not physically possible so most days I skipped the last session. All the workshops I went to were excellent. The presenters were all very competent and very experienced in their fields. I also bought CD’s of some of the workshops I couldn’t get to. I have listened to a couple and they are very good too. You have the option of attending one comprehensive class which is a continuing class over the four days. I went to Terry Whalin’s class on “Truth is stronger than fiction” – which was about publishing non-fiction. Terry was a mountain of information and even more he was very genuine and spoke from his heart. The first and last sessions of the day were general sessions and I heard some great speakers including Florence Littauer.