Today at church I was up front explaining what a blog was! How bizarre is that!

The reason this came about was because the church recently appointed someone to oversee the Bible study groups, with the idea of starting more groups. He was approached by someone who could not physically attend a group but wanted to be involved. So conversations began about running a “real time” group via the internet. It soon became clear that finding a regular “time” was going to be impossible because of people’s work commitments. The next option was to run a Bible study blog and I was asked to set it up. We are going to be running a study on the blog using a study book so while we are waiting for the books to be distributed we are running a discussion topic as a trial run. The person overseeing the groups was suppose to get up this morning at church to speak/promote the idea but guess what? He was sick! So since I had set it up and knew about blogs I was asked to speak … all because a little over a year ago Trav suggested I get a blog. I had no idea where it was going to lead.

I find this very amazing!