This is a photo of Voltaire and Rousseau’s, a second hand bookshop 5 minutes from Glasgow University Library. When I look at this photo I think, “Oh yes, I remember why I don’t like second hand bookshops!” I feel almost claustrophobic just looking at the photo. Yet I do love books and enjoy my job as a librarian. I have been in my current position for two and a half years and in that time I have made considerable changes in my library so that the books are tidy and in strict alphabetical order.

When my children were little we would watch Mr. Squiggle, a puppet who drew pictures with his pencil nose. However being a puppet he was operated from above, beyond the range of the camera. This meant he mostly drew his pictures upside down and often would say, “Upside down! Upside down! Everything’s upside down these days, Miss Jane.”

Sometimes I think of Mr. Squiggle when I walk around the library but it comes out this way: Alphabetic! Alphabetic! Everything’s alphabetic these days!

P.S. I did not take the photo and credit belongs here: