I have been enjoying reading this month’s Every Day With Jesus (a daily devotional) called, Being Real in the Psalms. Selwyn Hughes writes about how God wants us to be real. If we are experiencing negative emotions we might as well admit it, since God knows anyway, and this is what the Psalmists does. Yet we are much more reluctant. I suspect we don’t even want to admit negative emotions to ourselves. We like to see ourselves as competent and in control, however our emotions betray us. It should be a relief that we don’t have to pretend to have life all worked out, yet sometimes we wonder if we allow people to see us as we really are, would they still like us? Even if they don’t, we know that God does. He knows the worst about us yet loves us anyway and we can rest in that knowledge.

So far Selwyn has covered anger and is currently discussing fear. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of this edition.