Surprisingly perhaps, considering Philip Yancey popularity and the fact that I am an avid reader, I haven’t read a lot of Yancey’s books. I often find him hard to relate to because he has a very different Christian background to me. However recently I read and enjoyed “Disappointment with God”.

The book looks at three questions people often ask about God. Is God unfair? Is He silent? Is He hidden? Yancey gives us an overview of the Bible as he looks at these questions. He starts with the Israelites in desert, moves on to the prophets, then to Jesus’ times and finally to the New Testament letters. He shared many fascinating insights as he look at these issues in a fresh way.

Half way through the book, just when I felt Yancey was coming to a conclusion, he starts on a new tact. He looks more fully at how time impacts human existence and more closely at the book of Job. It was slightly disconcerting to find myself on a new train of thought and I wondered if maybe if he should have written two books. Nevertheless Yancey shares so many helpful thoughts that it is well worth the read.