Devotional Thoughts from the New Testament

I have been writing devotional thoughts and articles for 25 years. These have appeared in the various newsletters of the churches I have attended and occasionally in local newspapers and Christian magazines.

Sometimes my devotional articles are my thoughts on a particular Bible verse and sometimes I use the verse in a more general way. I have achieved my goal of having a devotional thought for every chapter of the New Testament. I am now writing devotional thoughts based on verses from the Old Testament. Computers are not Bible savvy so the books are listed in alphabetic order, and the chapter numbers are not in order either.  However you can use the search feature.

As the list has grown I have moved thoughts on Old Testament verses to a second page. You can click here to reach them.

If you would like to use any of these thoughts for your church newsletter permission is granted provided such action is not for sale or commercial gain. Please include the following:

© Susan Barnes. Used with permission.

If you could also include my web address www.susanbarneswriter.com it would be much appreciated. Outside of the above waiver copyright is required.

My most recent devotional thoughts are on the front page.

My Thoughts On These Verses