I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it. Revelation 2:17

This verse reflects God’s father-like character. Since parents choose names for their children and often put a lot of thought into this process. Similarly, God chooses names for us, since we are born again into his family. Not in some haphazard kind of a way but rather with the heart of a loving Father. How amazing it is that God has chosen a separate name for each one of us, a name that’s a secret. Imagine that, sharing a secret with the all-knowing God. This speaks to us of God’s desire for an individual personal relationship with each of us. He doesn’t want to know us in a second-hand way. You can’t get to know someone well if you only spend an hour a week with them. Neither do you get to know them by saying the same things, at the same time, or by only ever presenting a list of requests.

God’s desire is to know us in a deep and intimate way. Humanly speaking we get to know someone by sharing with them the deep and personal things that are happening in our lives. Likewise, we get to know God better when we share those things with him. Often we don’t because we rationalize he knows everything anyway. However, our relationship with God will grow when we do.

Our relationship with God is unique. I hope you treasure your relationship with God as much as he treasures yours.