“Appoint an evil man to oppose him; let an accuser stand at his right hand”. Psalm 109:6

David was never afraid to express his emotions to God as many of the psalms would indicate. David wasn’t afraid to tell God exactly what he thinks God should do with this “wicked and deceitful” person. David continued, “may his days be few” … “may his children be fatherless” … “may a creditor seize all he has” … “may no one extend kindness to him.” David was very angry with this person and he’s not hiding it.

There were other incidents in David’s life where he showed his emotions. He wept many tears over his friendship with Jonathan, “Then they kissed each other and wept together—but David wept the most” (1 Samuel 20:41).

David wasn’t afraid to show his emotions but Christians I find are often more guarded. God knows how we feel whether we choose to tell him or not and nothing we feel ever comes as a surprise to him. Opening ourselves up to God with our negative emotions gives God the opportunity to pour his comfort and healing into our lives. If we don’t admit we’re mourning or hurting we can’t receive his comfort.

Sometimes, as Christians, we have the idea that we need to look as if we have no problems. But God never said we wouldn’t have problems. He promised his presence, strength and grace to be with us whatever we’re going through. If we put on a happy face we often come across as not being genuine. Jesus never faked it. He admitted to anguish, sorrow, hunger, thirst and tiredness. We need to follow his example and be emotionally honest.