Every stroke the Lord lays on them with his punishing club will be to the music of timbrels and harps, as he fights them in battle with the blows of his arm. Isaiah 30:32

The Message Bible translates this verse, “Every blow God lands on them with his club is in time to the music of drums and pipes.”

Throughout Scripture, there’s an interesting connection between singing and warfare (Psalm 149:6-9, 2 Chronicles 20:21-22).

In our church services, we do far more than sing songs. We engage in spiritual warfare without moving from our seats. Our praise to God harms the enemy of our souls in ways we don’t realise.

Why would this be? Singing is important because we sing out the truth of God’s word and proclaim God’s goodness regardless of our circumstances. We declare God’s character and reinforce spiritual truth as we sing to him. We affirm God’s attributes and make a declaration to the spiritual forces of evil that we’re putting our trust in an invisible God. As we sing unto the Lord with our hearts and minds, we inflict damage on the devil and shift things in the spiritual realm.

Furthermore singing is a corporate activity where believers come together who may have nothing else in common except their Christian faith and yet together they become an army. Their strength in unity becomes a further attack on the devil who tries to isolate and cause friction between Christians.

Karl Faase recently twittered, “In a culture cynical, critical and dismissive of faith our most subversive act is to stand together in worship singing statements of faith.”

When we stand and sing together, let’s engage wholeheartedly and be mindful of what we achieve in the spiritual realm.