Therefore strong peoples will honor you; cities of ruthless nations will revere you. Isaiah 25:3

Some value being strong and think Christianity is only for the weak and timid but here we see strong peoples honouring and revering God. God is more powerful than any nation or people group.

God speaks through culture. Whatever values are important in a particular culture or people group, God proves he is greater and higher than whatever is valued.

Some value perfection and order. God is the master of a highly organised universe. Night follows day, summer follows spring, the stars follow such set patterns astronomers can predict their paths centuries in advance.

Some value being helpful. God couldn’t have helped humanity more. He sent his own Son to save them from the devastation of sin.

Some value success. When we read the promises of the prophets and the book of Revelation we realise that God will successfully establish his kingdom.

Some value individuality. Again and again, the Psalmist tells us that there is “none like you.” Our God is unique.

Some value knowledge and learning. God is omniscience. His understanding has no limits.

Some value loyalty and faithfulness. God made a covenant with his people and though his people have often rebelled, he hasn’t broken his promise.

Some value pleasure and happiness so does God but he knows we can never be truly happy without being holy.

Some value peace. God is the author of peace and freely gives it to those who will trust him with their lives.

Whatever we value, God is greater.