It would not be right for us to neglect the ministry of the word of God in order to wait on tables. Acts 6:2

The disciples had a clear picture of their area of ministry. This enabled them to say “yes” to activities that fitted with that and “no” to activities that didn’t. Likewise, it’s good for us to know our area of ministry.

There are many tools available that help us discover this. The following is a simple one based on Ephesians 4:11. The idea is to find the area that you most strongly relate to.

Apostles desire to see people work together, to see people nurtured and growing, to see others released into their destiny. They like to bring people together who wouldn’t normally work together.

Prophets desire to hear the voice of the Lord. They value dreams. They ask: “What is God doing here?” “What is God saying?” They connect the natural with the supernatural and sometimes feel disconnected with the world.

Evangelists are more concern for the lost than others. They share anything they are excited about. They love to meet new people. They see the hope in people and love to hear the gospel preached.

Pastors are more caring than most. They can even start caring about fictional characters! They are interested in others, love to listen, ask follow up questions and notice who’s missing.

Teachers love truth and the word of God. They love divine order. They communicate principles for godly living and don’t take things lightly. When they say yes they mean yes. They hunger for deep understanding and revelation and require time to think.

Relating to one of these doesn’t mean you will become a full-time pastor or evangelist. It simply means this is your area of giftedness.

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