“Who am I, O Sovereign Lord, and what is my family, that you have brought me this far? … Is this your usual way of dealing with man, O Sovereign Lord?” 2 Samuel 7:18-19

David’s prayer is a response to Nathan’s report where God makes this promise to David, “Your house and your kingdom will endure forever before me, your throne will be established forever” (verse 16). David is amazed God would bless him like this.

David never forgot God called him from minding sheep to be the king. Remembering where we have come from tends to make us either humble or proud. Humble if we recognize God’s hand or pride if we think we have achieved status by our own strength. David acknowledges all he is and has is the result of God’s will and purpose (verse 21).

David’s humility was evident earlier in his life when his mighty men broke through Philistine lines to drew water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem (2 Samuel 23:15-17). David’s men didn’t realise that David’s desire for this water wasn’t to be taken as a literal request. David wouldn’t drink the water his men brought for him and poured it out before the Lord. His response may seem ungrateful but he didn’t want his men unnecessarily risking their lives for him. In pouring out the water before the Lord, David is saying only God is worthy of the sort of risk his men took.

David was God’s anointed king and David knew he hadn’t become king by his own good management or earned the position by his good deeds. It was God’s appointment. We too need to remember all we have, even our next breath, is the result of God’s blessing on our lives.

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