“Red Moon Rising” (as per last post) is not so much about intercessory prayer, but it is about creating a prayer room that becomes a holy space, a place of intimacy with God. The practicalities of it are that it runs on a roster system where people put down their names either individually or as a group and fill up every time slot. But the aim is to create a place where people met God.

Perhaps this description will help:

“A creative prayer room covered in artwork, with music pumping (for those who want it) and three-dimensional ‘prayer-provokers’ dotted around, simply recognizes the fact that we are a diverse people with different ways of expressing ourselves at different times. Sometimes the creativity flows from you; sometimes the provocations to prayer are a creative invitation to you. Some like silence and a simple prayer book; some need to pace and proclaim. There is no best way to pray and no fixed method. If a prayer idea honours God, reflects the overall tenor of the Bible and causes us to be able to talk to or hear from Him, that’s fine.”

The thing that tends to happen in this holy space is that a person opens themselves to God’s presence in a way they don’t usually do in their regular prayers or in their intercessory prayers and the person meets God in an intimate way. God speaks into their life and various ideas for mission are birthed in this atmosphere of prayer.

While we were away on holidays our church ran a prayer room for a week which went very well. While there were no “miracles” as such, people did experience God in deeper ways. Now they are planning to run a prayer room for a month.