Keith also writes, “Throughout Scripture, the command to sing is given to God’s people more than 400 times.”

Singing in a church service gives us one of the few opportunities to express what is on our hearts to God. It is our opportunity to connect with God using the song as a means to do this. Sometimes the song won’t quite fit what we want to say but God knows our heart.

When we praise the Lord we are inviting his felt presence to be amongst us. Of course God is always with us but on certain occasions his presence is made known to us in larger measures. When we sing unto the Lord he draws close to us as we draw close to him. At such times God may impart to us wisdom, knowledge, and guidance so singing also becomes listening. Psalm 22:3 uses the word “enthroned” and conjures up the idea of our praises creating a spiritual throne where we become more aware of God’s majesty and his awesomeness.

Neil Anderson, makes the comment the church is not a hospital but rather a military outpost with an infirmary. Meaning while it is the role of the church to care for the sick and wounded our primary function is to enforce God’s reign and rule, and sometimes we do this just by singing praise to God.