A few weeks ago I wrote my annual Christmas letter to family and friends it started like this:

I thought I would send my Christmas letter early this year to let you know our change of address as well as the many other changes in our lives this year. Our family has grown from five to seven with two marriages, we have all moved house and most of the family has had a major change of occupation – which is rather a lot of changes for one year!

So it has been a jam-packed year and I am really looking forward to a break. In January this year we arranged to have three weeks holiday directly after this Christmas (which is the summer school holidays in Australia). This was unusual for us since these days we don’t have children at home, but we had decided to go to Perth for the Hopman Cup (tennis tournament). Therefore I’m not going to around here much over the next few weeks. However I wanted to keep posting to my blog during this time so I have revamped a series of devotional articles I wrote about David. Some time ago I was studying the Beatitudes and figured if David was a man after God’s own heart then the beatitudes should be evident in David’s life. My plan is to post one of these thoughts every 3 or 4 days providing I am able to find an internet connection. Well, that’s the plan …

Best wishes for Christmas to all who come by here.