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Christian sub-cultures

June 29, 2016

There’ve been times in my Christian life when I’ve slipped into a Christian sub-culture where it was possible for me not to have a meaningful conversation with someone outside the church for weeks on end. The church became not only the place where I gathered with others for worship and instruction, but also the place that met all my social and recreational needs.

For a few years my children went to a Christian school as well, so it very quickly became possible to live isolated from contact with the general public. God’s intention is that we live in the world and not isolate ourselves from it.

It becomes more difficult to be involved in outreach if we live in a Christian sub-culture because we no longer understand those we are trying to reach. This is most obvious in children’s ministry. The way children are taught in schools is quite different from the way I was taught.

Learning is much more student-driven. They are given more independence, more choices, and have more technology available to them. Whether we agree with the changes or not is unimportant. We must adapt our methods to reach children in a medium they enjoy, if we are to impact them with the gospel.

This is true in many areas, sometimes we are like missionaries in our own culture, seeking to understand the mind-set of those we would like to encourage towards faith. If we cut ourselves off from others we lose the opportunity to share our lives and our beliefs with them.

Beware of sub-cultures.

by Susan Barnes
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Susan Barnes

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