My contribution to a synchroblog on Christian Perspectives on Health Care:

A bit of history—as I remember it and as I understand it—Australia has a public health system which was introduced many many years ago when I was working as a bank officer. At the time I also had private health insurance. In Australia most private health insurance is through private companies and not through one’s employer. The public health system is funded by a tax levy and when it was first introduced the cost of my private health insurance fell by almost the same amount as the tax increase. However very quickly the cost of my private health insurance was back at the pre tax levy amount. The reason being, we suddenly had a lot more sick people. A free public health system had somehow created a lot more sick people. Why is that? Furthermore anytime the government pours money into the public health system to reduce public hospital waiting lists the same thing happens—more sick people and little reduction in waiting lists. So even with a public health system we still have people in chronic pain from relievable health problems.

I wrote about my feelings about helping people generally in my previous post based on 1 Timothy 5. In regard to health issues, although I agree in principle with a public health system, I think the only people who should be entitled to completely free health services are those under 18 and those over 65. All others need to make some financial contribution, because we have to bear some responsibility for our own physical state, even if we did nothing to cause its downfall. I would consider this part of carrying of our load (Galatians 6:5), which I also mention in my previous post.

It would also help if people stopped expecting the medical profession to have a magic pill for every ill and ailment—not sure how you legislate for that! I also don’t know how you legislate for people to eat better, smoke less, exercise more, look after themselves, and not rely on medical science to repair their bad health choices. Pouring money into a public health system isn’t going to solve these problems.

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