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September 24, 2011

The book reviews I write tend to be of two different types. Firstly I write some book reviews that are factual accounts of the books and written for a wide audience. Secondly I write other book reviews which are more my reflections on the book and often contained my thoughts from a Christian perspective. Sometimes my book reviews are a combination of the two types.

I have decided on my blog to make a clearer distinction between these two types of book reviews. The first type I will continue to call book reviews and will be a more formal approach. While the second type I will call book reflections which will be about how the book has impacted me as a Christian. For some of the books I read I will write both types of reviews, particularly for books I read as part of my book club which are not Christian books. For other books I may only write one or the other.

Currently I am working on a book review for Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert which I will post soon.

by Susan Barnes
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