You’ll get through this by Max Lucado is one of the most encouraging books I’ve read. Every chapter takes a slightly different perspective on suffering and provides insights from Joseph’s life in Genesis. Lucado also relates personal stories and those of others to illustrate his points.

The story of Joseph is an excellent source of material on suffering. Joseph suffered no end of injustices but was restored and rewarded by God. His example of resilience, perseverance and forgiveness gives Lucado much to draw upon in his book. Lucado doesn’t attempt to explain why suffering occurs but focuses on the ‘big picture’ of the long-term gain that suffering brings, even if the long-term means beyond this life.

This is not a particularly long book but does include a study guide by Christine Anderson which would be good for group studies.

Even if you are not currently going through a difficult it is worth reading just to be reminded of God’s Sovereignty and his love. It is a book that gives so much hope whatever your situation.