Floyd McClung has lived and ministered in many different geographical settings around the world. From his experiences McClung wishes to pass on many of the life-lessons he has learned in regard to the church, leadership and mission. His book, You See Bones (David C Cook, 2007), is divided into five parts which corresponds to his five core beliefs. These are: Simple church; Courageous leadership; Focused obedience; Apostolic passion and Making disciples. These issues are relevant and important to the Christian church and should be given much thought.

McClung believes in a simple church model which is low maintenance and easily reproduced. While this is a good idea it does not suit all cultures which McClung does acknowledge. Nevertheless we do need to consider whether our situation would be better suited to a simple church model and would this be more effective in terms of reaching people outside the church than what we are currently doing.

McClung moves on to talk about leadership. His concerns lie in the area of the authority, privilege and status we give our leaders in the West and how this lines up with the servant leadership that Jesus taught. Next McClung writes about those things which distract us from God’s mission and those we need to do to stir up our passion. Finally McClung writes about making disciples. The model Jesus gave us of making disciples means as well as teaching others we need to be giving leadership opportunities to new believers maybe even seekers.

Overall I found McClung’s writing to be challenging and inspiring.