You Have A Soul is a short little book containing valuable gems. It is like reading a well thought through sermon.

In addressing the issue of our soul, Ortberg is discussing our motivations and our deep seated attitudes towards life that often go unnoticed. He starts by stating that our soul is needy and this is the driving force behind our addictions. God intended our cravings to drive us to Himself but more often they drive us to food, drink, money, fame.

In part two of the book Ortberg describes how our soul needs rest and how God provides this for us in a circle of grace. A circle helps us realise we are constantly in need of God’s grace. The first part of the circle is resting in our acceptance by God. Second is resting in God’s sustaining grace. Third is resting in knowing that our significance lies beyond ourselves and finally resting in achievement. When we tried to go against the flow of grace we end up in a circle of works. We try to achieve so we will be significant which will sustain us through the difficulties of life and bring us acceptance. However this leaves constantly trying to achieve and never gaining the acceptance we desire.

Ortberg is easy to read with interesting illusions and Biblical insights. A worthwhile read.