I’d like to say, You are Never Alone is the best Max Lucado book I have read. However, I suspect that it was God’s timing for me to read this book when I did as it spoke to me about some situations that I was facing. Nevertheless, Max is an excellent writer and uses good illustrations with practical applications to get his point across.

Max takes us through eleven of the miracles recorded in John’s Gospel and relates each one to our modern life. In the final chapter, he encourages readers to believe, which is the reason John wrote his Gospel (John 20:31).

Max is insightful as he brings fresh truth out of these old stories. He writes in a lyrical style, with a touch of humour which makes the book easy to read. The most important truth I received was the importance of believing God always has good intentions towards us. Therefore, even if we find ourselves in unpleasant situations we can trust that God is working to bring about good outcomes.

The book is quite short but does contain lengthy study questions at the end of the book which could be useful for groups.

Overall a most encouraging read.

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