I read this book as part of the course I am studying at Bible College.

Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin is written primarily for worship leaders but is also a useful resource for pastors, musicians, singers, and even congregational members. Kauflin thoroughly covers all aspects of worship in terms of church services.

Kauflin divides the book into four parts: the leader, the task, healthy tensions and right relationships. In the first section Kauflin addresses the attitude, skill and life style of the worship leader. In the second section we are given a definition of a worship leader and Kauflin indicates how this leader can take the people to a deeper place in God through singing worshipfully. The third section describes facets of worship leading that must be kept in tension. For example: We’re to pursue theological depth and passionate expression. The last section teaches that having right relationships with family, church members and leaders is vitally important to be an effective worship leader.

I found Kauflin’s approach to this subject instructive. He addresses all the usual concerns of worship leaders and brings valuable insights to the role. For someone like me, who is not a worship leader, I found this book easy to read and a useful resource for understanding the role and responsibilities of worship leaders. As a result of reading this book I feel better equipped to support and encourage worship leaders.