Lynn Austin writes believable Christian historical fiction novels with engaging characters and interesting plots and Wonderland Creek (2011) is no exception. I found this story particularly attractive because the main character, Alice, works in a library, like me! The story was thoroughly researched and set in Kentucky in the days of the pack horse librarians.

Alice had lived a rather sheltered life growing up with a father who was a minister but circumstances conspired which lead Alice to spend some time in rural Kentucky. She helped run a library and assisted a group of women deliver library books to people on farms in an isolated community. During this time Alice is challenged in a variety of ways and initially is treated with some wariness. Nevertheless she manages to build relationships with a number of people by simply being kind and helpful. By the time she gets back home Alice is a changed girl and finds it difficult to settle back into her previous life.

The only character in this story who I didn’t find convincing was Lillie who was the most obvious Christian person in the story. I found her a bit too convenient, but her role in the story was important as she challenged Alice’s thinking of many levels and especially spiritually.

Overall an enjoyable read.