Three months after his father’s death, Jack is still very angry. Everything in his life reminds him of his Dad which triggers his anger. Jack craves the unfamiliar and begins skipping school. He spends time with a gang of delinquents who are vandals and minor thieves. His friends, teachers and his mother, Sofia, become increasingly concerned about his behaviour, but Jack isn’t listening to any of them.

At home, Jack always spent most of his time with his Dad, as his mother’s work as an environmental anthropologist often took her way on work trips. But now, in an act of desperation, she decides to take Jack on one of her field trips. Jack has no idea what his mother does and no interest in her work so he is shocked to find himself in the heart of a rainforest with few conveniences.

Wild is well-written and well-paced. Ele Fountain does a good job of describing Jack’s anger and his inability to process his father’s death. Resolving Jack’s anger by immersing him in bigger problems is very effective.

Overall a realistic story of a teenager’s struggle with grief which has a positive resolution.

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