Where Jesus Walked by Ken Duncan is a photographic journey through the life of Jesus beginning with Mary in Nazareth and ending with Jesus’ ascension. The problem with a book like this is so much has changed in Israel in the last 2,000 years and it’s not so much the wars and conflicts but the tourism that has altered many sacred sites. Another problem is the historical accuracy of the location of sites and the many traditions that have developed over time.

Nevertheless Ken Duncan has produced a book of beautiful photos and interesting text. Duncan has collected quotes and material from multiple sources to provide comments alongside his photographs. I enjoyed the variety and the depth of wisdom in these. Occasionally there was some overlap with this approach but overall I found it enlightening.

Probably the images I enjoyed the least were those taken in the very ornate churches which now stand on some of the sites. It is such a divergence from the life Jesus led while on earth. The images I enjoyed the most were the scenery and those closest to the reality of Jesus’ life.

On the whole a lovely and informative book.