John Townsend is the well known author of Boundaries and therefore brings a wealth of experience to this topic. Where is God? : finding His presence, purpose, and power in difficult times (Thomas Nelson, 2009) is written for people who are currently in crisis and wondering if God even cares. Townsend writes with a great deal of compassion and empathy. He has been through difficult circumstances himself and has sat with many people in the counseling room who face trying situations. So he makes a point of not adding guilt to a suffering person’s problems.

Townsend covers many of the issues that face people in crisis which includes people’s distort view of God, the consequences of living in a broken world, and the value God places of people’s freedom. He also looks at the issue of how God suffers with us, how he works in ways we cannot see, and how difficulties build our character. Townsend places a great deal of importance on the role other people play when we are going through a tough time also giving advice to people who are supporting others in these times.

Where is God? is written in a very caring manner and provides much good advice for those who are facing hard times.

As a book reviewer, I did receive this book for free. However as a personal blogger, I was under no obligation to write a positive review.