When I see Grandma by Debra Tidball is the story of a young girl who visits her grandma in a nursing home. It’s clear from the illustrations that she is no longer able to communicate and spends much of her time asleep. However her granddaughter remembers when her grandma was more able and she endeavours to brighten up her day by doing the things she use to enjoy singing, dancing, brushing her hair, cuddling, reading and playing music. The granddaughter is able to connect to her grandmother and think about her good memories. It is quite a moving portrayal of their relationship.

The illustrations in the book provide positive images of the nursing home where the grandma is always smiling. While this is idealistic, it works well in a children’s book. The illustrations enhances the written text and the background characters adds depth to the story.

Overall a helpful book for children with aging grandparents.