Walking with a Limp is a comprehension look at the topic of suffering and how to continue to believe in a loving and compassion God, while dealing with suffering. I must confess I didn’t read every word of this book. In order to make his points, Barry Chant tells many true stories of suffering, many are heart-breakingly sad. I found it too overwhelming to read them all.

Barry has arranged his content around the question: why keep going when it hurts? He seeks to provide reasons why many people continue in their faith, and what are the beliefs that keep them going. In order to do this, he quotes much Scripture. Barry also discusses miracles and the prayer of faith. He acknowledges that while some people have experienced specular answers to prayer, others haven’t, and mostly we don’t know why this is the case.

Ultimately suffering is a mystery and we won’t understand, this side of heaven, why God allows people to suffer like they do. However, we can focus on the cross and know that a God who would send his own Son to die for us, must be a good God with good intentions. Therefore, we can keep going, even when we experience tragedies and inexplicable suffering.

An insightful read.

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