One hot summer, Dan has to endure the holidays alone with his mother in Somerset. His mother is an archaeologist and much to her delight, a 1000-year-old gravestone and some bones are found in the process of draining the local dam. Dan’s mother meets Cat, a local farmer, who she hopes will help move the gravestone with her tractor. While his mother and her work colleagues search for more remains, Dan is left to amuse himself. He meets Florence and her sister Emma from Bristol, who are staying with their grandfather who runs the local pub.

As the dam is drained, a car roof appears. In fading light, Dan and Florence investigate and believe there is a body in the car. They notify the police but by the time they arrive and check, the car is empty.

The plot is complicated but Fleur Hitchcock does a good job of slowly leaking the real clues, the fake clues and the children’s discoveries. However, not all the loose ends are tied up and some of her descriptions lack depth so it’s hard to visualise where the children are at different times in the story. A map of the village would be helpful.

Nevertheless, it’s an exciting mystery.

Thanks to the Book Curator for providing a free copy for review.

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